Underwater Construction Corporation provides specialized services in support of work on pipelines, transmission structures, dams, bridges and a variety of industrial facilities. We understand that engineers and owners expect service providers to aid in achieving higher plant reliability, maintaining and improving plant safety, minimizing cost, and facilitating regulatory interaction. As a company specializing in services to rail and highway transportation, UCC has set a standard for safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness that the industry has come to expect.

Our diving services also include:

  • Pier and pile restoration
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of trash racks
  • Maintenance dredging of intakes and discharge systems
  • Inspection services
  • Mollusk remediation
  • Contaminated water diving
  • Underwater welding
  • Concrete repair.

UCC has the resources to manage turnkey maintenance projects, and the management depth that allows us to perform construction management when required.


UCC focuses on providing services to global customers with assets located on reservoirs, lakes, rivers, harbors and in coastal areas. This focus has allowed us to develop the technical capabilities and resources necessary to effectively serve the needs of a very unique but diverse client base.

Our services range from rapid response and emergent work, to large-scale multiyear service contracts. UCC has the capability to mobilize quickly for very specialized jobs and maintain a sustained presence when necessary. UCC has worldwide offices and operations strategically located to serve our customers.

Underwater Construction Corporation is the largest diving contractor in the world specializing in underwater services to the pipeline industry. Services include inspection, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation. We offer a comprehensive selection of underwater services that include inspection, maintenance, and remedial work on the primary structure and related structures. UCC provides state-of-the-art underwater welding, inspection, concrete repair and a variety of underwater mechanical services.