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Turn-key Dive Services

tab-inspectionOur highly qualified inspectors and technicians use state-of-the-art underwater procedures to evaluate current conditions and project long term maintenance requirements. Our approach combines advanced knowledge, specialized training and diving techniques to ensure inspections that meet or exceed ASME Section XI IWE inspection standards.
tab-maintenanceOur preventative maintenance services are engineered to reduce operating costs, minimize down-time and avoid costly emergencies. Our teams work closely with facility personnel to ensure each maintenance program meets the facility’s unique technical specifications and operating requirements.
tab-bgAlong with turn-key services for large rehabilitation and marine construction projects, we provide enhanced diving support to marine construction companies and engineering firms. Our seasoned and knowledgeable teams incorporate all necessary resources required to meet every projects requirement.
tab-technicalOver the past four decades, we’ve been tasked with solving complex technical issues. We routinely work with our customers to develop safe and innovative solutions tailored to their unique specifications. As a member of the project team, we assist organizations with developing comprehensive project specs, material selection, procedure development, & scheduling.

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